Handheld analyzer adds TETRA capabilities

March 24, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
For professional private data and voice radio connectivity in closed user groups such as police, firefighters or armed forces, the TETRA standard is the predominant RF platform.

For service engineers and technicians performing troubleshooting in this ample field, Anritsu has added TETRA analyses and coverage mapping options to its proven MPR Master S412E handheld analyzer.

Combining the LMR Master's performance and compact design with the latest TETRA measuring and analysis tools makes the handheld analyzer a comprehensive test solution for deploying, installing, and maintaining public safety, transportation, utility and critical communication networks, including those utilizing the TETRA technology.

Equipped with these options, the LMR Master S412E can be used by field technicians and engineers for over-the-air and coverage analysis of TETRA networks. For advanced field analysis, the TETRA analyzer includes a special TETRA summary display that enables users to review key data, such as base and mobile color codes, mobile network code, location area code, and mobile station maximum transmit power level. This capability allows users to quickly and accurately diagnose and troubleshoot system performance of TETRA networks using over-the air analysis without preamplifiers.

In addition to the capabilities for TETRA networks, Anritsu has updated and enhanced the LMR Master Options 721 and 722 to match technical and lexical changes in the ITC-R Positive Train Control (PTC) standard. Among the updates are the alignment of symbol rates to “Half Rate” and “Full Rate,” and support for new “burst/packet” air interfaces in the ITC-R standard, including updated signal generator patterns.

The TETRA options expand the measurement capabilities of the LMR Master S412E, which combines all of the tools required to install, maintain, and certify analog and digital Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks in the shop or field. All LMR Master S412E analyzers come with ultra-low noise spectrum analyzer, signal generator, internal power meter, and analog FM analysis and coverage mapping.