Harris chooses CommAgility for LTE software and expertise

April 11, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Harris Corporation has chosen CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company, to help deliver LTE Ssmall cell base stations and terminal products for private network operators.

By licensing CommAgility’s software technology and customization services, Harris is able to quickly and reliably address the needs of its customers.

Private networks serve specialized communications needs in the energy, maritime, aviation, security and public safety sectors. LTE 4G technology brings wireless broadband to these specialized markets, enabling the introduction of new features and enhanced services. Investments in the public safety sector alone are forecasted at $2Bn annually by the year 2020.

Harris uses CommAgility’s full range of software products:

  • SmallCellPHY LTE physical layer for Texas Instruments’ small cell SoCs;
  • SmallCellSTACK LTE protocol stack;
  • SmallCellSPECTRUM advanced scheduler;
  • MobilePHY LTE physical layer for terminals;
  • MobileSTACK LTE protocol stack for terminals;
  • SmallCellVeriPHY testing software for LTE eNodeB products.

James Rhoa, Senior Communications Engineer at Harris, said: “CommAgility’s offering of a complete software product portfolio covering both terminals and base stations was a critical criterion for Harris.”

James Rhoa continued, “Since we started working with CommAgility in 2014, we have also relied on its LTE expertise to adapt the products to our special requirements, making CommAgility truly a one-stop-shop experience.”

Edward Young, Vice President and General Manager at CommAgility, said: “Private networks often have special requirements or conditions under which the products must work, which present challenges for developers. The combined talent and products at Harris and CommAgility are ideally suited to address these demands.”