Inside Secure and Gemalto sign Single Wire Protocol agreement for smartphones

July 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Inside Secure and Gemalto have signed a Single Wire Protocol (SWP) license agreement, extending the cross-license signed in 2008, which provides a standard interface for Inside VaultSEcure Secure Element products, that Gemalto describes as the “de facto standard for Secure Element connections to smartphone application processors.”

The agreement is an extension of the 2008 SWP and HCI (Host Controller Interface) cross-license agreement and provides a standard interface for Inside's VaultSEcure Secure Element product line, reinforcing the position of Gemalto’s SWP . Inside Secure and Gemalto have been instrumental in standardising both SWP and HCI for Near Field Commutations (NFC) technology, which was at the centre of the original agreement between the two companies.

“This renewal of our agreement with Inside Secure will continue to support the momentum of growing NFC ecosystems for the benefit of service providers and consumers alike,” said Frederic Vasnier, executive vice president Embedded Software and Products at Gemalto.

“Both Gemalto and Inside Secure have a long-standing partnership on NFC and related technologies. This new agreement expands our commitment to SWP,” said Loic Hamon, vice-president Corporate Development at Inside Secure. “Our state-of-the-art VaultSEcure Secure Element family will benefit from this de facto interface to connect to mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and M2M capable devices application processors.”

Earlier this year, Inside Secure announced an agreement with Intel to license its NFC technology as Intellectual Property. Inside has repositioned the company to focus on the breadth of its security offerings, and on complete solutions for embedded security applications. Inside Secure has a security offering that spans from secure software solutions to alternative hardware and IP. The company offers security solutions for the enterprise, digital entertainment and financial services markets, which are three key market drivers for mobile security.