IoT to drive growth for German sensor industry

March 24, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
A positive overall industry outlook for the sensor and measuring industry has been published by Berlin-based Association for Sensors and Measurements (AMA). Across the industry, R&D investment is expected to grow further. And so will the headcount.

A survey among the 480 AMA member companies reveals an average sales growth of 3%. For the year ahead, they expect an even better result of 7% on average. Investment into research and development averaged at 10%. Overall investments are expected to increase by 8%. Manpower demand rose by 2% in 2013 and is expected to further continue by an unspecified amount.

The export quota of the member companies - predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises - stabilised at 40% of the total sales, the same level as in 2012. Exports within the EU member states however increased by 3% to 25%. This was outbalanced by a decline of exports into non-European countries which declined by 2 percent points to 17%.

Main growth driver for sensors is the internet of things (IoT) and its specific manifestation in the German manufacturing industry, dubbed 'Industrie 4.0". "Without sensors and measuring technology, Industrie 4.0 won't be feasible", said AMA General Manager Thomas Simmons. "For this reason we look forward to the business year ahead with great confidence".

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