IoT ecosystem adds DALI, Ethernet interfaces

March 31, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Dortmund, Germany-based company Lemonbeat GmbH has added interfaces for “DALI”, the international standard for lighting controls in building automation, as well as cabled Ethernet to its Lemonbeat IoT infrastructure. Lemonbeat's comprehensive construction kit for the Internet of things allows devices to interact with each other directly and independently of any central cloud-based or gateway control system via the “Lemonbeat smart Device Language” (LsDL).

This makes IoT installations more reliable, and means that only data that are relevant for analysis or monitoring purposes are transmitted for central processing. The patented, energy-saving “Lemonbeat Radio” wireless technology is typically used at sub-GHz frequencies to enable communication between devices.

This technology makes large bandwidths possible, and is suitable for local networks that are operating at their limits under conventional standards. Lemonbeat technology always uses proven Internet standards such as XML or IPv6, which means that it can be implemented flexibly.

In order to add “Lemonbeat Intelligence” to the international “Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) standard used in building automation to control lighting equipment, the company now provides an adapter that integrates these devices into the Lemonbeat IoT ecosystem. An additional interface allows devices to be integrated into Lemonbeat networks via cables using Ethernet.