Ka-band GaN-HEMT MMIC targets satellites earth stations

October 04, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Mitsubishi Electric has developed a Ka-band (26- to 40-GHz) 8W gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier for satellite earth stations.

The compact MGFG5H3001 which will start sampling in November integrates amplifier transistors circuits, matching circuits and a built-in distortion-reducing linearizer. The built-in linearizer achieves low distortion for power transmitters and the high signal integrity reduces the need for an external linearizer for further miniaturization of satellite earth-station transmitters. The device operates over the 27.5- to 31.0-GHz frequency range, with a saturated power output of 39.0 dBm (8-W) and a linear gain of 15.0 dB. It runs from a 24-V supply.

Mitsubishi Electric - www.mitsubishielectric.com

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