Limiter diodes deliver fast turn-on time and low loss

May 05, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SemiGen (ISO and ITAR registered) is offering limiter diodes that feature fast turn-on time, low loss, low capacitance and resistance, and easy bonding.

The company’s RF Supply Center provides high-quality limiter diodes that can be supplied in chip form or in a choice of packages. These diodes are proprietary designs that are fabricated in the United States using qualified process partners.

The SemiGen SLP7100 series of limiter diodes is processed with a high-resistivity epi that has thin, intrinsic layers. These devices are typically in the 2 to 20 micron range of epi thickness and can be gold-doped to achieve specific performance goals. They are used in passive or active limiter designs in the 100 MHz to 30 GHz frequency ranges.

Ideal applications for these diodes are waveguide, stripline, coax, or microstrip, in single- or multi-chip devices, depending on power handling and performance goals.