Microlab brings multi-carrier DAS to Copenhagen's Royal Arena

April 27, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
The Royal Arena in Denmark opened in February 2017 as a multi-functional cultural center. During the wireless communication system design, one challenge was to provide sufficient coverage by integrating three operating bands on the common distributed antenna system (DAS).

Microlab provided the answer with two POI designs, DCC601-B19 and DCC601-B22, that included 9 inputs supporting different output configurations that covered the many sectors of this venue. These designs integrated the four carriers with 3 operating bands into common outputs. The Microlab POI designs provided low loss solutions while achieving very low PIM and better than 55 dB inter-band isolation to this passive DAS installation.

This customized system is one of many Microlab DCC Series™ products. Microlab DCC Series™ products have been used extensively in stadiums, convention centers, campuses, medical facilities, and many other enterprise venues. These products in Active DAS or passive D-RAN are designed to the unique specifications of the particular venue. All this while serving the needs of multiple carriers with multiple operating bands for a high performance, fully tested solution.