Microwave filters deliver high Q in small size

March 26, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
As system designers are driven to miniaturise, many high performance designs are limited by the high Q requirements of filtering.

High Q” proprietary techniques realised in high K materials by BSC allow filters to be produced in small physical footprint. The company uses a thin film foundry process that produces high levels of precision and repeatability with a broad operating temp of -55 to +125 °C.

Applications covered will encompass L band to millimetre frequencies with varying topologies including diplexers, band-pass, notch, low-pass, high-pass and roofing. Products can be produced in open tile for direct die level integration or packaged foot prints for solder reflow.

Features include small physical size, high Q, low loss, high temperature stability, and high selectivity options.

Using this process, a variety of diplexers, multiplexers and filters can be custom produced for applications such as phased array radar, switched filter banks, space, UAVs, guided munitions, secure communications…