Modular C-band to KA-band VSAT antennas cut costs

August 13, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Luso Microwave, an operating division of Luso Electronics, has announced a family of modular C–band to KA-band antennas in a range of reflector sizes from 1.2 m to 4.2 m.

The modular design reduces installation time, cut costs and adds flexibility to microwave satellite networks, including making KA band installations financially viable for cost-sensitive commercial applications.

KA band usage is growing due to problems with spectrum overload in other bands. Furthermore, a 1.8 metre diameter KA band dish offers comparable performance to a 4.2 meter KU band antenna. The much smaller antennas and waveguides simplify transportation, handling and installation.

Luso will deliver the antennas from stock. Installation and commissioning of a 5-piece motorized system is typically completed in one day, about one-third of normal installation time for comparable antennas. Customers can opt for a fixed installation in the first instance then upgrade easily to a full tracking one at a later date. The modular design also simplifies other changes that may be needed during the life of the installation.

The antennas are supplied in four variants: fixed, manually adjustable, motorized and full tracking. A range of ancillary components is also available.

The company’s one-stop service includes system preplanning and design, site preparation, installation, testing and maintenance.