Multi-channel arbitrary-waveform generator offers high channel density

November 02, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Zurich Instruments announces the HDAWG, an arbitrary waveform generator with highest channel density and shortest trigger latency.

The HDAWG offers up to 8 channels with 16-bit output and a sample rate of 2.4 GSa/s. A waveform memory of 500 MSa, 32-bit digital IO and TTL marker-output complete the package. For applications requiring many channels, multiple instruments can be synchronized and centrally controlled. The HDAWG includes the LabOne user interface and multiple APIs.

Sequences can be easily written, edited and compiled using the embedded scripting language. These sequences can be swiftly transferred over 1 GbE or USB 3.0, saving time and allowing the user to maintain an overview of complex signal patterns. The HDAWG meets the highest R&D requirements, for example, Quantum Computing Applications to produce pulsed sequences with minimal noise, NMR, electronic component testing, spectroscopy and Radar/Lidar.

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