NFC-enabled digital media kiosk concept doubles as Qi charger

January 06, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Toshiba Electronics Europe has developed a so-called “Digital Kiosk” concept that combines TransferJet, NFC and Qi wireless charging technology, which the company plans to showcase next February at Embedded World in Nuremberg.
A typical use case for the fully finished system could be for customers to select any digital content via a dedicated store app, from e-books, music files, games, to HD video, and download it wirelessly to their mobile device after purchase.

The single formed plastic unit comprises an LCD screen with platter for smartphone charging or wireless connection, and status LEDs. To operate, the user taps a kiosk app icon on their smartphone, previews the available video content via the Kiosk screen.

To buy the selected content, the customer presses the Purchase button and places the smartphone on the kiosk’s platter. The NFC authentication and payment process will then initiate and, once complete, content will be downloaded via TransferJet to the phone with up to 560Mpbs (using the company’s recently released uUSB TransferJet dongle). Users also have the option to recharge the phone handset wirelessly on the platter. 

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