OpenBTS enhanced with 3G data capability

July 28, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Range Networks, a leader of the OpenBTS software project, has announced the public release of OpenBTS-UMTS 1.0, providing data capability for 3G networks. The code is available to the OpenBTS community immediately as a free download.

This 1.0 release marks the opening of the 3G stack to innovation and makes OpenBTS the only open source project to support 3G networks.

OpenBTS-UMTS delivers an enhanced data speed of at least 384 kbits/s per user and in a lab environment can increase to 800 kbits/s download speeds per user. This enhancement enables web access, streaming video and use of mobile applications on 3G-enabled handsets. It is 3GPP-compliant and operates on any of the 3GPP-defined UMTS frequencies.

Range Networks is also announcing changes in the open source Contributor License Agreement (CLA), designed to encourage greater community participation in the advancement of the mobile industry. now implements a Harmony CLA to strengthen the ownership and copyright claims of contributors.

Further, industry leading software-defined radio (SDR) suppliers have shown support for the 3G release and plan to develop products that support OpenBTS-UMTS, including Ettus Research and Nuand.

Matt Ettus, founder and president, Ettus Research, said: "It is exciting to see the OpenBTS project releasing data capability for open source 3G networks. As the leading provider of software-defined radio systems, we look forward to supporting the OpenBTS-UMTS code on the USRP™ product line. I think the new CLA will also reinforce community developer involvement, help to grow the community, and build further momentum for the open source mobile infrastructure ecosystem."