PA module with field-replaceable connectors covers 0.1 to 20 GHz

May 10, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Richardson RFPD, Inc., has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for the HMC-C582 ultra-wideband power amplifier module from Analog Devices, Inc.

The HMC-C582 is a GaAs MMIC pHEMT power amplifier in a miniature, hermetic module with replaceable SMA connectors that operates between 0.01 GHz and 20 GHz. The device typically provides 24 dB of gain, up to +36 dBm output IP3, and up to +26 dBm of output power at 1 dB gain compression. Inputs/outputs (I/Os) are internally matched to 50 Ω and are DC blocked. Integrated voltage regulators allow flexible biasing and sequencing control for robust operation.

Excellent gain flatness across the operating frequency range makes the amplifier module ideal for electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasures (ECM), radar, fiber optic, and test equipment applications.

Additional key features of the HMC-C582 include:

  • Single 15 V supply;
  • Gain flatness of ±1.5 dB (at 2-20 GHz);
  • Dimensions of 1.75- x 1.62- x 0.525-inches;
  • Hermetic ML-4-1 packaging.