Peraso aims WiGig reference design at smartphones

February 17, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Peraso Technologies has introduced what it claims to be the first mobile WiGig USB adapter reference design, based on its W120 phased array chipset. The reference design aimed at smartphone vendors enables users to add 802.11ad capability through a USB connector.

The reference design enables a series of WiGig applications paired with the smartphone market, including Rapid Sideloading (which can be used to download an HD movie in under 10 seconds) and Mobile VR where WiGig can provide a wireless, private and secure connection between a smartphone VR headset and a remote device such as a laptop or tablet.

This allows users to access significantly more content that can be stored on a smartphone, while utilizing the superior GPU horsepower of the remote system.

The high data rates and excellent power efficiency provided by 802.11ad makes WiGig suitable for streaming 4K video but also for multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi networking. The Peraso mobile WiGig USB solution will be available in a variety of configurations to address different smartphone connectors. Based on the recently announced W120 phased array chipset, the reference design collateral package will include the software driver and application software necessary to support a complete go-to-market implementation.