Plug-in extends energy harvesting wireless options to the Smart Home

January 09, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
MiOS and EnOcean have released a plug-in for the MiOS Marketplace to deliver control of Z-Wave products using EnOcean self-powered switches and sensors.

“The new plug-in creates a bridge between EnOcean, an established standard in wireless building automation, and residential Z-Wave wireless products,” said Jim O’Callaghan, President, EnOcean Inc. “Connecting one of the leading residential gateway makers with the leader in self-powered switch and sensor solutions is a logical step. Z-Wave users can now utilize the benefits of wireless without batteries the EnOcean customers have enjoyed for years”.

Communicating wirelessly using EnOcean batteryless products conserves energy through self-powered switching, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and personal workspace control technologies. All companies offering solutions integrating the EnOcean standard are organized in the EnOcean Alliance. This technical initiative has more than 350 members worldwide which build a strong ecosystem of more than 1,200 interoperable products.

Lew Brown, President of MiOS, said: “Our customers understand the environmental and lifecycle cost impact that can be obtained by going batteryless and that is exactly what the EnOcean protocol delivers. This capability addresses the issues associated with battery use in the commercial sector where replacement can become a management nightmare.”

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