Power amplifiers deliver high output from 18 Ghz to 110 GHz

January 19, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Millitech, a microwave brand of Smiths Interconnect, has released a series of power amplifiers leveraging advanced PHEMT MMICs and transistors which yield millimeter-wave saturated power as high as 38 dBm at 35.5 GHz and 15.5 dBm at 110 GHz.

Frequency ranges for the company's AMP devices extend from 18 GHz up through 110 GHz with corresponding and standard waveguide or coaxial connector interfaces. The AMP series of amplifiers offers internal bias circuitry that generates gate control voltages, provides proper voltage sequencing, and incorporates reverse voltage protection from a single positive external bias.

Enhancing the flexibility of the AMP series, Millitech is able to offer multiple MMIC amplifier chips combined or cascaded in a single device for applications that require higher gain or greater output power. The broadband features of these amplifiers makes them ideal for a myriad of applications including transceivers, upconverters, EW, instrumentation, and radar systems.

The AMP product lines are produced for both commercial and military applications, adhering to all applicable standards. Typical applications include millimeter-wave transmitters, for LO amplification, and in radar front-ends.