Rad-hard ultra-low dropout linear regulator targets aerospace and satellite power designs

July 10, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Intersil Corporation has introduced the ISL75052SEH, a radiation hardened, single output LDO specified for an output current of up to 1.5 A.

Designed for aerospace and satellite power applications, the ISL75052 is an SMD-approved LDO that is single event transient (SET) immune. It is high/low dose rate immune via wafer-by-wafer acceptance testing up to 100 krad (Si) and 50 krad (Si), respectively. Operating from an input voltage range of 4.0 V to 13.2 V (14.7 V absolute maximum in-beam), the ISL75052SEH provides output voltages of 0.6 V to 12.7 V. Output voltage is adjustable based on an external resistor divider setting. Typical dropout voltage performance is 225 mV at 1.5 A, maximizing efficiency.

The ultra low dropout performance over temperature and radiation lets users reduce the voltage between the input and out voltage rails, saving significant power. The LDO's wide input voltage range of 4 V to 13.2V allows designers to operate the part over a wide input voltage range, such as 12 V, 5 V or any in-between voltages. Output voltage accuracy of ±2 percent over radiation and over the military temperature range improves point-of-load (POL) input accuracy tolerance over varying AC/DC application conditions. The device’s 160 µA shutdown current, maximum, lengthens battery life when used in a redundant configuration. A PowerGood output pin is available for easy start-up configuration.

SET mitigation with no added filters or diodes for LET of 86 MeVcm 2/mg reduces board space and system cost, while wafer-by-wafer radiation guarantee means no upscreening and high product reliability.