RADCOM wins LTE deal with MaveriQ Momentum

June 16, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
RADCOM has announced a deal of approximately one million dollars with a tier 1 LTE operator.

With the growth of mobile data traffic, this operator is experiencing a rapid increase in the traffic over their 3G and LTE network. MaveriQ Customer Experience Management form RADCOM provides high-monitoring capacity and advanced analytics. With MaveriQ the operator receives clear visibility into all quality aspects of their high-speed cellular network, as well as enhanced customer experience management (CEM) reporting.

Throughout the industry, service providers face many challenges, as they need to provide subscribers with the services offered, while maintaining a high level of customer experience. The size of networks is growing rapidly, which means that service providers will soon need to monitor multi-terabit networks running multiple technologies, with a huge number of events. At the same time, a system must remain cost effective, and have a small footprint.

MaveriQ addresses these needs. It monitors a wide range of measurements sessions that are meaningful to the end user. By analyzing these measurements in real time and applying business intelligence, MaveriQ provides realistic insight not only into the end user quality of experience but also into the corresponding quality of the Service Provider’s TCP/IP network.