Radiating cable connectors deliver best-in-class PIM performance

August 10, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has introduced a new generation of radiating cable connectors that are specifically designed to meet operators’ needs for lower passive intermodulation (PIM) and faster, easier installations.

The latest series of connectors for smoothwall radiating cable products feature a clamping outer conductor contact rather than the spring finger outer conductor contact that was used in the previous generation of connectors. This design enhancement enables the new series of connectors, referred to as P02, to have a PIM rating that is typically less than -155 dBc, and guaranteed to be less than -150 dBc. A Universal Trimming Tool that prepares the cable by cutting perfectly square 90 degree angles and leaving no unwanted material behind ensures the low PIM rating is maintained.

"PIM has become a particular challenge in high-capacity, multi-operator and multi-band DAS implementations, even in tunnels, since we released our previous series of connectors," said Andreas Bergmeister, Product Manager Indoor Solutions, Cables Business Unit, RFS. "That’s why we focused our efforts on lowering the PIM rating in the P02 connectors. Low PIM is no longer a nice-to-have feature in components for wireless indoor solutions. It’s a necessity. And the P02 connectors deliver best-in-class PIM performance."

The P02 connectors are ideal for use with the RADIAFLEX® radiating cables from RFS. The two-piece connectors are very easy to attach to the prepared cable in a reliable and stable way. They eliminate the need for additional, unnecessary connector adjustments, while giving operators the flexibility to reposition and reuse the connectors in the future. These features save operators time and money.

The P02 connectors are available in new 4.3-10 interfaces to support the multiport applications that are in wide use today, as well as in 7-16 DIN and type N interfaces. They feature low VSWR measurements for excellent electrical performance and a robust, waterproof design that can withstand long-term operation in the harshest of environments.


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