RFID tag protects luxury goods

April 07, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Swatch Group semiconductor company EM Microelectronic has released the EM4126 EPC Gen2 RFID integrated circuit, intended for use in RFID tags for jewelry, cosmetics and other small and/or high value products.

The EM4126 achieves a typical read sensitivity of -19 dBm at the chip level, which translates into a typical -21 dBm sensitivity at the tag level for a dipole-like antenna with 2 dBi gain (25 µs TARI, 250 kHz BLF).

The chip contains 224 bits of non-volatile memory (16-bit PC Word and 208-bit UII/EPC Code) which supports ISO or EPC data structures and allows for SGTIN 198 encoding as an enhanced alternative to SGTIN-96. SGTIN-198 encoding uses alphanumeric serialization represented as a string of up to 20 7-bit characters allowing for more flexibility and human-readable codes.

The encoded string is left-justified and unused characters are zero filled. The EM4126 is available in bumped die form on 6 mil sawn wafers.