Scalable model for 0201 broadband capacitor up to 65 GHz

January 05, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
The CAP-PPI-0201BB-001 is a substrate scalable Modelithics Global Model™ for the Passive Plus, Inc., (PPI) P/N 0201BB surface mount chip capacitor family. The models are for use with microstrip applications and account for substrate (or printed circuit board) related parasitic effects up to 65 GHz.

Substrate height, dielectric constant, loss tangent, interconnect metal thickness, component tolerance, pad width, pad length and pad gap are model input parameters. Models account for up to two higher-order resonant frequency pairs beyond the fundamental series resonant frequency. Accurate effective series resistance (ESR) is modeled over the frequency range. A Sim mode switch allows pad stack effects to be disabled.

The applications for which these parts are intended require small, surface-mountable (SMT) devices with low insertion losses and reflections across RF frequencies extending from the tens of kHz to the tens of GHz, and temperatures typically ranging from -55 to +125 °C. 

Applications are primarily found in the “signal integrity” market including optoelectronics/high-speed data; ROSA/TOSA (Transmit/Receive optical subassemblies); SONET (Synchronous Optical Networks); broadband test equipment; and broadband microwave and millimeter wave amplifiers and oscillators. The BB series provide surface-mountable, 10 nF or 100 nF capacitors that provide resonance-free, low insertion loss, low reflection operation over extremely large RF bandwidths.