Security IP algorithms increase protection for IoT SoCs

March 12, 2018 // By Rich Pell
Electronic design automation company Synopsys (Mountain View, CA) says it has added new algorithms to its embedded security IP to increase protection for IoT system-on-chips (SoCs).

Specifically, the company announced the addition of the ChaCha20 and Poly1305 (RFC7539) algorithms to its DesignWare Multipurpose Security Protocol Accelerator IP , which accelerates a broad range of computationally intensive cryptographic algorithms as required by most security protocols, such as SSL/TLS, IPsec, Wi-Fi, and LTE. The new additions, the company says, will enable designers to efficiently implement the latest encryption and authentication functionality to protect their IoT SoCs.

The Security Protocol Accelerator IP increases security protocol performance by supporting efficient data sequencing as well as parallel processing of cryptographic operations such as authentication and encryption/decryption. The new algorithms will let designers secure Internet communication applications that rely on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.2 and 1.3, including browsers, voice-over-IP devices, and smart home applications.

Advanced security features of the Security Protocol Accelerator IP include Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) support, secure key access, and differential power analysis countermeasures to increase protection against threats. The virtualization feature allows designers to share a single Security Protocol Accelerator instance across multiple host processors, or a multi-core processor, to offload security functionality for reduced gate count, small memory footprint, and simplified software management.

"SoC designers rely on security protocol accelerators to increase performance and reduce latency of cryptographic algorithms in SoCs," says John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP at Synopsys. "The addition of the ChaCha20 and Poly1305 algorithms as well as side-channel countermeasures to the DesignWare Security Protocol Accelerator IP enables more secure Internet communication for millions of connected devices that rely on the TLS protocol."

The DesignWare Multipurpose Security Protocol Accelerator IP with support for Chacha20 and Poly1305 is available today. Support for the new algorithms is also available in the company's NIST-validated DesignWare Cryptography Software Library.

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