Shopping assistant software uses RFID to look into fashion inventory

February 14, 2014 // By Julien Happich
A provider of RFID software products and solutions to the fashion industry, Enso Detego has introduced an entirely new version of its modular RFID software, detego SUITE 4.0.

With enhanced reporting tools including intelligent replenishment, accurate inventory management and comprehensive track and trace reporting of individual items in the supply chain, the software also comes with a redesigned web-based user interface accessible from anywhere within the company’s network.

Operating from any PC or mobile device, a configurable dashboard allows for faster and more efficient access to all business-relevant information such as replenishment suggestions. To demonstrate its capabilities, the company has developed a multi-channel touchpoint “Shopping Assistant” demonstrator where customers are shown cross-selling recommendations and real-time inventory information based on the RFID database.

The "Shopping Assistant" could enhance the customers’ shopping experience at the point of sale and helps retailers to differentiate themselves from the competition, says the company. This may be a short-lived experiment if iBeacon-type micro-location marketing takes such an “enhanced shopping experience” directly to the consumers’ smartphones.