SpeedCast demonstrates Improved mobile satellite communications

April 07, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SpeedCast will demonstrate its latest development, the ReadyCONNECT™TA12, at this year’s APPEA Conference and Exhibition.

The demonstration will give IT professionals, specifically in the oil and gas industry, a chance to learn about the benefits of using the latest mobile satellite communications system, and discuss their specific connectivity challenges.

ReadyCONNECT™TA12 is a mobile VSAT system that combines portability and rapid deployment equipment, providing instant access to internet, wireless and voice applications. It is specifically designed for fast temporary or long term deployments, as well as frequent site relocations. A simplified design enables it to be deployed on site much quicker than was possible before, requires no technical knowledge and can be operated by non-technical personnel.

“Communications and logistics are the most complex challenges that today’s oil and gas companies face,” said Mark Borgas, SpeedCast’s VP of Australia-Pacific. “Exploration teams need to communicate as if remote sites are only extensions to their corporate network and finding a solution compatible with specific network requirements, yet portable and robust enough to suit frequent site relocations, can be a difficult task. ReadyCONNECT™TA12 optimizes the logistics process associated with the relocation of exploration and construction sites, while cost-effectively managing bandwidth and equipment across all locations.”

ReadyCONNECT™TA12 is secure and delivers scalable data speeds to meet changing usage requirements, extends wireless coverage of up to 1 km and provides a variety of bandwidth options with true broadband speeds and a range of contention ratios from 1:1 to 1:10.


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