Stand-alone generator tests slow damped oscillatory waves

January 08, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The NSG 3040-SOW from Teseq is a stand-alone generator for slow damped oscillatory wave testing in single phase equipment up to 270 V and 16 A, in compliance with current testing standards IEC/EN 61000-4-18 and ANSI C37.90.1.

Suitable for power stations, substations, electric meter manufacturers, relays and switch manufacturers as well as EMC testing labs that already use Teseq equipment, the NSG 3040-SOW enables users to perform over-testing at test levels up to 4.4 kV. Features include selectable reduced source impedance as well as higher pulse rates which enable users to test under conditions that are closer to reality, ensuring their product will perform as intended in the real world.

Designed to complement Teseq’s line of NSG 3040 and NSG 3060 series of EMC test generators, the NSG 3040-SOW features the same 7-inch high contrast, colour touch-screen interface for set-up of test procedures. The generator can obtain quick, reliable results of standardised tests with a few clicks using the integrated Test Assistance (TA) function. The NSG 3040-SOW offers inputs supported by an integrated keyboard or thumbwheel with additional keys for sensitivity adjustment. It has Windows-based control software that simplifies test programming and compilation of complex test sequences composed of multiple waveform types.

Specifications include a test voltage range from 0.2 kV to 4.4 k, oscillation frequency of 100 kHz and 1 MHz, selectable source impedance of 200 Ohm and 150 Ohm, and pulse repetition rates that exceed standards requirement (1 MHz pulse: from 1/s to 600/s, default is 400/s and 100 kHz pulse: from 1/s to 120/s, default is 40/s).

The generator also has an ethernet port for external PC control and weighs around 25 kg with dimensions of 449 mm wide x 226 mm high x 565 mm deep.