Surface mount triplexer filters for CPE applications

March 19, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a family of three surface-mount triplexer filters for MoCA cable customer premises equipment (CPE).

This platform of surface mount triplex filters has been developed to replace large CAN and discrete implementations in real estate constrained customer premises equipment front-ends. Offering superior performance and ease of implementation, these devices boast excellent temperature stability and part-to-part repeatability. In addition, the surface mount design allows for convenient high volume SMT manufacturing. The devices offer leading return loss, insertion loss and rejection parameters and are RoHS compliant as well.

“The MAFL-011018, MAFL-011023 and MAFL-011026 are ideal solutions for customers requiring high performance, repeatable, surface-mount triplex filters in a common footprint and pin-out,” said Graham Board, Product Manager. “This family of filters are MoCA 2.0 compliant and cover the following cable splits 42/54, 65/88, 85/105MHz with a plan to add a DOCSIS 3.1 204-/258-MHz split by mid-2014. Having a platform of filters which covers the key cable splits, dramatically simplifies and expedites front-end implementation for customers.”