Switch filter modules offer five linear 3G/4G paths

December 14, 2011 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
The RF1293 and RF1293A switch filter modules from RFMD offer very low insertion loss along with excellent linearity performance and are ideal for multi-mode GSM, EDGE, LTE, and UMTS handset applications.

These modules integrate low pass filtering on the GSM transmit paths, avoiding the need for external harmonic attenuation. They also integrate GSM receive bandpass filters and are compatible with +1.8 V control logic. They come in compact 3.2-mm x 3.5-mm x 1.0-mm, 21-pin module packages which allow for small solution size with no need for external DC blocking capacitors when no external DC is applied to device ports.

The modules have integrated DCS and PCS Rx SAW filters with single balanced output, are fully spec-compliant down to 1.3 V control voltage, and feature >2kV HBM on all non-Rx ports. The switch filter modules' five linear paths offer band combination and air interface flexibility.

For further information: www.rfmd.com.