Truechip collaborates with OmniPhy for verification of PCIe Gen4 IP

June 23, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Truechip Solutions and OmniPhy have announced association for collaborative verification of PCIe Gen 4.

The two companies entered into a partnership to provide customers with a comprehensively tested and bug free PCIe Gen 4 solution.

"Truechip possesses a wide variety of verification IPs (VIPs) that are easy to integrate, highly customizable, and designed by leveraging comprehensive verification methodologies to cover the scenarios for high speed serial protocols such as PCIe Gen4," said Mr. Ritesh Saraf, CEO, OmniPhy. "Truechip's PCIe Gen4 Verification IP is a prudent choice since the VIP is modular, offers a comprehensive test suite, coupled with rugged protocol checker and easy to understand logs," added Mr. Saraf.


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