Two-way 90 degree power splitter

July 09, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced a 2-way 90 degree power splitter ideally suited for CATV, broadband and FTTx applications.

The MAPD-011018 is both 260ºC reflow compatible and surface mountable making it simple and easy to use. Though this power splitter operates from 5 to 250 MHz, its best performance is between 5 to 85 MHz with a phase balance of 90 degrees ± three degrees.

The MAPD-011018 has an insertion loss of 1.2 dB and 1.5 dB and an isolation of 19.4 dB and 17.9 dB to provide low power loss and high signal separation. Furthermore, this device distributes power through both ports very evenly, due to an amplitude balance of 0.4 dB and 0.2 dB. This power splitter has excellent temperature stability and a maximum power input of 24 dB — altogether providing a power splitter solution optimized for demanding conditions and applications.

Alan Miller, Product Manager at M/A-COM Technology Solutions comments, “The MAPD-011018 has been specifically designed in 75Ω impedance to address CATV low distortion upstream applications from 5 to 250 MHz.”