U-blox to develop 3G HSPA module based on Intel's XMM 6255 HSPA platform

May 17, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Swiss-based u-blox announced it is collaborating with Intel to bring a small, cost-effective 3G-only HSPA module to the market.

Based on Intel’s XMM 6255 HSPA modem platform, the chipset will be packaged in a compact, low- cost module that maintains layout compatibility with u-blox’ SARA 2G and LISA 3G module series.

The 2G-3G-4G nested design allows product designers to offer tailored solutions to their target markets based on a single PCB design. This facilitates product diversity and easy migration while keeping price at a minimum through reduced design, test, logistics and certification costs.

Specifically designed for M2M applications, the XMM 6255 platform features the Intel X-GOLD 625 digital- and analog- baseband with integrated Power Management Unit and the Intel SMARTi UE2p transceiver for 3G.