UltraCMOS 60 GHz 
RF SOI switches in volume production

January 19, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Peregrine Semiconductor has announced immediate availability of volume production parts for their UltraCMOS® 60 GHz RF SOI switches. The PE42525 and PE426525 extend the company's high frequency portfolio into frequencies previously dominated by GaAs technology.

Both 60 GHz switches deliver exceptional performance in all key RF parameters and have a fast switching speed of only 8 nanoseconds. The PE42525 is ideal for test-and-measurement equipment, microwave-backhaul solutions and higher frequency switching in 5G systems. The PE426525 boasts an extended temperature range making it desirable for harsh-environment applications in industrial markets.

Supporting a wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 60 GHz, the PE42525 and PE426525 are single-pole double-throw (SPDT) RF switches. The two reflective switches deliver an incredibly fast switching speed of 8 nanoseconds and RF TRISE/TFALL time of 3 nanoseconds. Both switches have low current of 390 nanoamperes. With exceptional performance across all key RF specifications, these switches deliver high port-to-port isolation, low insertion loss, high power handling, high linearity and excellent ESD protection of 1 kV HBM.

At 50 GHz, the PE42525 and PE426525 exhibit port-to-port isolation of 37 dB and insertion loss of 1.9 dB. The PE426525 also has an extended temperature range from -55 to +125 degrees Celsius. The PE42525 and PE426525 are available as a flip-chip die with 500 microns bump pitch—the best form factor for high frequency performance as it eliminates performance variations due to wire-bond length. Production parts and evaluation kits are available now.