UniPro/UFS protocol analyzer and exerciser

May 09, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Teledyne LeCroy has introduced the Eclipse M32 UniPro/UFS protocol analyzer and exerciser to assist design and test engineers working in the high data rates and aggressive power management of the UniPro and UFS specifications over the MIPI®M-PHY physical interface.

Delivering in-depth testing and analysis, automated quality testing as well as compliance/conformance verification in one package, the Eclipse M32 fully supports the MIPI®M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3, the UniPro v1.61 and the UFS v2.1 specifications. Further, the Eclipse M32 can be upgraded to the MIPI®M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4 as well as the UniPro v1.8 specifications when they become available.

The Eclipse M32 platform along with its UniPro M Series Protocol suite provide a robust system to capture and debug UniPro/UFS traffic. Acting as a standalone protocol analyzer or as a analyzer/exerciser, the it offers a complete protocol solution from analysis and traffic generation, to conformance or compliance testing and automated stress testing.

In the Teledyne LeCroy UniPro M Series Protocol Suite, application standard protocol analysis views are augmented with an Events window showing detailed activity on the bus. The Events window provides a complete picture of all events while still allowing the user to drill down to the byte level. This powerful display is time-aligned to display fillers, Prepare, Sync, Hibern8, Sleep, Stall and other M-PHY level packets.

Through use of its advanced software suite the Eclipse M32 is able to automatically identify and evaluate millions of packets, transactions and complete protocol sequences for conformance to the specification. Complex transactions such as power mode changes and Link Startup Sequence events can be automatically analyzed many times, finding issues that even an expert engineer might miss. With the Conformance Test Suite (CTS) the Eclipse M32 exerciser provides conformance/compliance verification, as well as margin, corner case, and automated stress testing.



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