Vayyar increases resolution of mmWave radar imaging SoC

May 07, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
3D imaging RF sensor company Vayyar Imaging Ltd., (Tel Aviv, Israel) has announced the launch of system chip (SoC) for millimeter wave 3D imaging.

The chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3 GHz up to 81 GHz with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers in one chip. Enhanced by an integrated DSP Vayyar's sensor does not need an external CPU to execute imaging algorithms and can be used for "through-wall" monitoring.

By using wideband radio waves the sensor can penetrate many different types of material and operates in every weather or light condition making it suitable for automotive and industrial markets, the company claims.

Vayyar launched its first ICs in 2013 and followed up with two business-to-business products in 2017. The technology is currently being used in multiple applications across such application areas as: construction, elderly care, breast cancer imaging, automotive, smart home, robotics.

The latest chip supports higher bandwidth and therefore higher levels of accurary and higher resolution imaging. Vayyar’s sensor differentiates between objects and people, determines location while mapping large areas, and creates a 3D image of the environment. The sensor can simultaneously detect and classify a variety of targets in real time.

"Together with the chip we provide our customers with a full suite of software and advanced algorithms to expedite their ability to develop products based on our technology," said Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO and chairman of Vayyar, in a statement.

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