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November 09, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
4D Systems have announced the latest addition to their range of Internet of Display modules with its smallest LCD display yet. At 0.9-inch and powered by the popular Wi-Fi enabled ESP8266, it is ideal for miniature IoT projects.

The IoD-09 can be programmed with the 4D Systems Workshop4 integrated development environment (IDE) or through the Arduino IDE. Workshop4 provides powerful graphics using the GFXdloIoD09 graphics library specifically for the IoD-09 series through a drag and drop style graphical user interface (GUI). The graphics library can be downloaded from the 4D Systems github repository here, which also comes with source demo applications. Workshop4 is available for free download from the 4D Systems website. Workshop4 PRO features require a one-time license of US$ 79 that can be purchased from 4D Systems.

The IoD-09 Starter Kit, which is available on 4D Systems website, comes with an IoD display module, 4D-UPA programmer and a 4GB micro-SD card. First time buyers are recommended to purchase the starter kit, which provides all the hardware to get up and running.

No other device on the market provides as many features in such a small form factor. The IoD-09 minimises the cost and time impact of display circuitry design, making it an ideal and cost effective local display of wirelessly connected IoT sensors.

A product video on the new device range can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n0_gTyiNMM&feature=youtu.be



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