Wideband GaAs MMIC distributed amplifier covers DC to 22 GHz

January 10, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Custom MMIC has added a distributed amplifier to its market leading portfolio of BroadRange Distributed Amplifiers that delivers excellent dynamic range at low power.

The ultrawideband DC to 22 GHz performance of the CMD240P4 distributed amplifier is accompanied with a low noise figure of 2.2 dB and +28 dBm IP3. The performance levels of this device make it suited for an extremely wide range of applications, including electronic warfare, SIGINT, military radar and instrumentation.

The CMD240P4 also provides flat, stable gain of 15 dB and a 1 dB compression point of +19 dBm. An additional benefit of this GaAs MMIC distributed amplifier design is the integrated 50 Ohm matching at each port, eliminating the need for external RF port matching.

The CMD240P4 operates with a single positive bias voltage from 3 to 8 V, and requires only 80 mA of bias current. The distributed amplifier comes packaged in a Pb-free RoHS compliant 4x4 QFN package with a wide operating temperature of -40 to 85 ℃.