Wireless charging goes beyond smartphones as A4WP extends standard to 50-W

June 04, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has extended the organization's Rezence-based wireless charging capabilities to deliver a specification for multi-device wireless charging up to 50 W

Increasing the standard to 50 W expands the range of products capable of using Rezence technology beyond smartphones to include laptops, tablets, and other consumer electronics. To support upcoming rapid product launches, publication and upgrade to the existing Baseline System Specification and certification program is expected by the end of 2014.

Dell, Fujitsu, Hon Hoi (Foxconn), Lenovo, Logitech and Panasonic have all joined the A4WP with the aim of integrating wireless charging into a wide range of consumer electronics devices. A4WP's membership has now passed 100 mark.

"The ability to easily wirelessly charge a laptop, smartphone, or accessory marks a powerful shift, untangling us from the wires that have become a part of our everyday lives," said Peter Hortensius, chief technology officer, Lenovo. "In evaluating the different wireless charging technologies, we determined that the A4WP system operating at 6.78 MHz best meets our customers' needs because it delivers the power and convenience necessary to easily charge all your devices."