Modular instruments ensure measurement integrity and code compatibility across form factor and product lifecycle

January 19, 2015 // By Allison Douglas, Keysight EMEA
In the Test & Measurement (T&M) industry today, there is a debate between T&M experts, equipment manufacturers and end-users: What is the best instrument form factor to achieve this test?

As of today, this question spans across three form factors: benchtop, modular and handheld. Some related questions are also very often asked: What is the future of the T&M industry? Will everything go modular, or will benchtop instruments remain largely dominant as they are today? Contrary to what some T&M companies may tell you, “one size fits all” is a limiting value proposition.

Why? The answer lives inside your product lifecycle: test needs evolve from unbounded in R&D to just enough in manufacturing. Different situations benefit from best-fit platforms—hardware and software—that provide meaningful choices. There is no simple rule for choosing the best form factor to answer all customer situations. Each test system has its own requirements.

Keysight Technologies has taken the approach of providing a range of solutions across benchtop, modular, and handheld to meet the needs of all end-users, no matter what part of the product lifecycle you are in. All of these form factors utilize the same measurement science, resulting in measurement integrity across multiple platforms.

Your team can benefit from this approach by gaining confidence across the lifecycle, because Keysight’s ongoing investment in measurement science ensures fully specified performance. This enhances your ability to optimize test in ways the support your technical and business objectives. The whole organization benefits: It becomes more efficient when successive groups see consistent measurement results throughout the lifecycle, from early R&D to manufacturing. The foundation of this is Keysight’s commitment to measurement integrity.

There are two new products that have been recently introduced to enhance Keysight Technologies’ modular portfolio. Both leverage the measurement science from Keysight’s existing benchtop portfolio to ensure measurement integrity and code compatibility across form factor and product lifecycle.

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