New concept in computer systems promises to kill cyber crime

August 17, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Fundamental Solutions [FSC] claims to have invented a computer system that will eliminate cyber-crime with a new concept in computer systems that is hack-proof.

The unique system, according to George Jerome, founder of Fundamental Solutions [FSC] "will virtually make it impossible for a hacker, or cyber-criminal to get into the data storage areas of a completely new concept in computer systems." Mr. Jerome went on to comment that "the cost of cyber-crime will reach $2.1 Trillion by 2019. This is a staggering amount of lost money and assets that the world's economy can ill afford."

The company's invention is in the early stages of development and expects to roll out its first equipment in early 2019. Mr. Jerome recognized that adding security software to today's computers was the wrong approach to ending cyber-crime. It's the hardware – the computer itself that is fundamentally flawed. Add to that, flawed operating systems, and we have the disaster we now call "hacking." A new approach to the computer, a new type of operating system, eliminates the need for large amounts of software to fight the efforts of hackers – eliminating viruses, ransomware, worms and malware.

Cyber-crime will simply stop wherever FSC equipment is installed because hackers will have no possible access to the critical data storage components of a computer.

The company is currently seeking an investment of $20 million for development, and launch of the first generation production. The company forecasts sales of equipment to exceed $1.5 Billion by 2022, and $10 Billion by 2025.


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