EPC to demonstrate wireless charging table based on GaN

September 21, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Efficient Power (EPC) has developed a wireless charging table for the AirFuel standard that can provide up to 165 W through the gallium nitride (GaN) power devices.

eGaN FETs and ICs, operating at 6.78 MHz, are featured in the amplifiers that are powering the transmit coils of the wireless power surface and in the receive circuits used in the devices placed on the surface.  The wireless power table being demonstrated at the Wireless Power Summit in Denver, COlorado, next week is capable of delivering a total of 165 W of power, enabling simultaneous charing of multiple devices with spatial freedom.

Several eGaN products are critical to the wireless power table design. Specifically, the amplifier on transmit side of table uses the EPC9512 power amplifier. The amplifier takes advantage of the performance of the EPC8010 as the main power stage FET, the EPC2038 as the synchronous bootstrap FET and the EPC2019 is critical in the SEPIC pre-regulator. On the receive side, the EPC2019 is also used as a boost FET to accommodate the multiple power levels of the receive devices to be placed on the tabletop, which range from 5 W for cell phone charging to 25 W to power the laptop.

A video onf the table with a wireless screen and Google Home unit is at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAdK7Av5NBUe


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