Nokia, Bosch show data superhighway for factory of the future

October 03, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the European Digital Summit in Tallinn, Estonia, Bosch and Nokia presented a demonstrator that combines the upcoming 5G mobile technology with industrial Internet systems.

5G increases the currently highest possible transmission rate in the mobile network to more than ten gigabits per second. In addition, the standard improves real-time behavior and transmission robustness. Both are important prerequisites for wireless networking of several hundred billion intelligent actuators and sensors in factories and plants and for processing huge amounts of data from production in real time. At the same time, super-fast data transfer is an important prerequisite for cross-border cooperation between companies in Europe and worldwide.

Bosch company Rexroth AG, who bundles drive and control technology within the Bosch group, has developed the demonstrator together with Bosch Group Research and Nokia.

In the opinion of almost all experts, 5G will become a major driver for the networked industry. The technology is the first wireless data transmission method that can be used for all industrial applications like the wired approach. It enables companies to be more flexible in production and reduces production costs, experts say.

Bosch brings extensive experience with industrial Internet solutions from its more than 270 plants. On this basis, the technology company develops networked solutions for other industry players as a leading provider. Nokia is one of the world's leading suppliers of telecommunications infrastructure.

“As an automation specialist, we will extend our collaboration with Nokia on 5G to other areas such as augmented reality, autonomous, driverless transport systems for in-house material flow and cloud-based applications in manufacturing," said Rolf Najork, CEO of Bosch Rexroth AG.

5G is expected to be introduced from 2019 onwards and will enable new business models based on data from manufacturing. Bosch and Nokia present the jointly developed demonstrator at the Tallinn Digital Summit in Estonia which is hosting this summit in the framework of the Presidency of the European Union.

The demonstrator presented will connect the upcoming 5G mobile radio standard with Industrial Internet systems.



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