Fundamentals of cable/antenna test tools for base station deployment, upkeep and improvement

October 27, 2014 //By Alain Mignot, Livingston FR
Fundamentals of cable/antenna test tools for base station deployment, upkeep and improvement
It is recognised that one of the main issues pertaining to the overall performance of a modern mobile communication network will stem from the numerous base stations on which the network is reliant. If these base stations have not been correctly constructed or there has been a failure for timely maintenance to be carried out, then the level of service that a network operator provides to its subscribers might be put in jeopardy and significant revenue may be lost.

To prevent this from happening in-depth analysis needs to be done regularly. The following article will look at the various parameters that must be considered when sourcing an antenna/cable analyser so that the best suited model is eventually decided upon.

Antenna/cable analysers are an essential piece of kit for today’s field test engineers. By using these items of instrumentation it is possible to obtain detailed information on how well the component parts which make up a base station’s transmission system all integrate together and whether the harsh outdoor environment in which they are situated has had any detrimental influence. By compiling all the information acquired, the operational effectiveness of each base station within a network can be determined. Any problems that have arisen can be identified and dealt with rapidly.

There are a broad choice of analysers now on the market, offered by a number of different highly reputable test equipment manufacturers. Each one of these analysers has attributes that can potentially be of value to a test engineer under the right circumstances, so it is important to recognise which are most relevant for the specific test set you have in mind and base your selection on these.

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