No 'iPhone Moment’ for IoT yet

January 12, 2015 //By Junko Yoshida
No 'iPhone Moment’ for IoT yet
The International CES exposed how far its aspirational promoters still are from the reality of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). As one executive in the electronics industry, who asked for anonymity, put it, “We don’t have the iPhone moment yet for IoT.”

Ian Drew, chief marketing officer at ARM, observed, There is a lot of [IoT] hardware on the show floor. They are everywhere. And obviously, they connect. But we have not had that oh, that is really easy surprise when it comes to using any of those connected devices.

While a low-level foundation for connectivity is coming together, as seen in Thread, we are far from seeing the emergence of high-level software that makes IoT easy. Drew explained. Today, everyone's IoT devices are talking within his own open ecosystem.

A consensus already exists on how the business community can profit from business-to-business IoT applications. In theory, lots of data generated by users will help sharpen their data analytics. That, in turn, will make their businesses run more effectively and smoothly, thus generating more revenue.

But seriously, whats in it for consumers? Isn't this trade show, after all, called the Consumer Electronics Show? Nobody, not even the CEO of the worlds largest consumer electronics company, appears to have the consumer angle figured it out yet.

A case in point is Samsung CEO B.K. Yoons keynote speech Monday night. He blew it.

In a speech entitled 'Unlocking the infinite possibilities of IoT', Samsung presented the connected wine cellar as the first example of IoT's infinite possibility. Wine cellar management? Seriously? Yoon clearly didnt know how to frame the hot IoT conversation in a way that reaches the average consumer. When you are talking fine wine, you are talking, as one observer mordantly put it, IoT for the 1 percent.

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