Scenario-based RF signal generator for interactive radio frequency testing environments

March 20, 2013 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Scenario-based RF signal generator for interactive radio frequency testing environments
IZT and LOG.IN have jointly announced the availability of EXERCISE-RF. This scenario-based RF signal generator is designed for interactive radio frequency testing environments and can generate a real-time radio frequency spectrum.

The generated spectrum can be fed into a receiver such as the IZT R3000, a radio monitoring system, and even a geo-localization system based on multi-channel direction finders or TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) sensors, such as the LOG.IN RMS-DF-5-R3000 with IZT R3000 receivers. Moreover, the generated RF spectrum can be transmitted through a signal amplifier and an antenna.

EXERCISE-RF allows the creation of complex tactical scenarios with user-defined entities, such as fighters, UAV, ships or soldiers, high resolution 3D terrain, environmental effects and propagation models. The user programs the entities’ behavior via mission doctrines and artificial intelligence and can control its attitude and behavior at all times. A tactical 2D and 3D map with MIL-STD-2525B symbology, a joystick and a throttle are at the user’s disposal.

Within the scenario, one of the entities takes on the role of the DUT (Device Under Test), thus virtually representing the entity on which the system to be tested is installed. EXERCISE-RF drives the IZT S1000 to ensure that the DUT is fed with an RF spectrum, which is coherent with the surrounding tactical scenario. To develop the scenario, EXERCISE-RF computes in real time the distance, RF inter-visibility, azimuth and elevation of each of the entities with respect to the DUT. These parameters and the mission doctrines allow EXERCISE-RF to drive the IZT S1000 and decide which signal has to be transmitted on which frequency and with which signal-to-noise ratio. EXERCISE-RF can drive multiple IZT S1000 generators at the same time.

RF Plug-In Architecture . Click image to enlarge.

A key feature of this scenario-based RF signal generator is the capability to stimulate multi-channel DFs and TDOA sensors, thereby computing the correct phase and time correlation of each signal in accordance with the DUT and the other entities' positions.

EXERCISE-RF is designed for the radio monitoring sector with a focus on validation and testing rigs, mission planning and mission rehearsal systems, such as

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