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May 20, 2015 //By Steve Sandler
Two common PDN measurement questions
Two common PDN measurement questions Steve Sandler provides answers two common PDN measurement questions.

For comparison purposes, the resistors are measured using a 1A current source and a precision voltmeter (see Figure 6). This figure shows the results for the 1 calibration resistor.

Figure 6: A power supply with current limit set to 1.00A is connected to one side of the resistor and a precision voltmeter is connected to the other side of the resistor. These connections replicate the connections used for the VNA measurements.

The DC measurements of the three resistors are 1.08m, 2.14m, and 5.26m, respectively. The VNA measurements are within 10% (1 dB) for all three low value resistors using this simple 1 shunt calibration technique.


[1] Increase range in 2-port impedance measurements

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