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June 16, 2020 //By Alexander Herrmann, Project Director Optical Sensing Business, and Dr. Richard Fix, Product Portfolio Manager, Bosch Sensortec
 Smartphone-based air quality measurement gets personal
This article provides insights into new PM2.5 and VOC sensing technologies that enable personal air quality monitoring to improve people’s health and well-being.

A portable air quality measuring device or dosimeter for air pollution measurement – for example, in our smartphones or wearables – could solve this problem. Until now, PM2.5 sensors have simply been too large for mobile devices. Bosch Sensortec has recently developed a sensor technology that can now make the monitoring of personal exposure to air pollution a viable reality.

With the new Bosch PM2.5 technology, it is now possible to integrate PM2.5 sensing into mobile devices for measuring a person’s daily exposure to PM. The user can be shown data and trends on the local pollution levels that they are being exposed to. Monitoring the personal exposure to air pollution, e.g. with the smartphone, allows users to get reliable and transparent information, which enables them to take action and minimize their PM2.5 exposure according to WHO air quality guidelines4. This can help to improve people’s health and well-being.

For example Figure 1 shows a PM2.5 Dosimeter demonstration App that was created in collaboration with the company BreezoMeter. The Dosimeter App calculates personal daily PM exposure by combining PM data locally measured with the Bosch PM 2.5 sensor technology and BreezoMeter air pollution data.

Figure 1: Particulate measurement dosimeter.

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