How mobile systems in manufacturing support ergonomic machine operation

January 22, 2018 //By Lee Sullivan, COPA-DATA UK
How mobile systems in manufacturing support ergonomic machine operation
Gone are the days where an engineer would monitor one, or a small number of machines. Today, maintenance and service technicians are constantly on the move, monitoring multiple machines and potentially, multiple facilities. This articles explains how engineers can monitor machinery performance on the move.

Mobile monitoring and alerts

Traditionally, it would have been impossible to monitor the performance of equipment without positioning a technician beside every machine in a plant. However, modern automation software makes it possible to visualise machine performance and gain an oversight of the entire factory floor. That said, today’s production engineers want to monitor their machine performance at all times — inside and outside of the factory walls.

Using mobile monitoring, every machine can be tracked and monitored and the relevant maintenance team, or individual technician, can have constant access to data, regardless of where they are located.

The ability to remotely monitor machine performance can identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and production. However, it is also vital for technicians and engineers to be able to react quickly to unexpected issues and minimise any unplanned downtime if a machine were to break down or show any signs of failure.


Operational awareness

Maintaining awareness of how a machine is performing and also its health is important to modern day manufacturing plants that want to improve their efficiency and drive down costs. Meeting production deadlines and being more efficient in production ensures customer satisfaction. Using mobile systems that constantly monitor machinery against your production schedule and KPIs, manufacturing teams will be aware of progress and potential production delays will be highlighted in real-time.

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