Increased support for RF MIMO systems design and development with MathWorks updates

May 31, 2016 //By Steve Taranovich
Increased support for RF MIMO systems design and development with MathWorks updates
Designers and R&D teams developing the next round of Wireless Infrastructure will need to provide a system with ultra-high throughput, massive connectivity for the IoT and high integration for devices. If you fall in this category, you will want to take a really detailed look at what MathWorks has just brought to the table for you. 5G is coming fast.

I recently spoke to Ken Karnofsky, Senior Strategist for Signal Processing at MathWorks and we discussed these significant challenges which designers will face in next generation wireless systems. New and demanding roles and skills will be required of designers coupled with the need to accelerate product cycles. The high costs of verification will need to be minimized and dealt with as well.

To ease a designer/R&D team’s burden, MathWorks has made some crucial new updates to the RF Toolbox , SimRF, and Antenna Toolbox that will strengthen design support for digitally-assisted RF MIMO System.

As a part of Release 2016a , these new updates will help engineers ramp-up on RF simulation, assist in performing a first order RF budget analysis that is extendable with advanced models, and help integrate the results of RF design in system-level simulation. The new capabilities will now allow wireless R&D engineers working on 5G and other advanced wireless communications systems to use MATLAB and Simulink directly for RF and antenna modelling, avoiding the need to learn and maintain separate, specialized tools.

Karnofsky said that designing a next generation wireless system will require a minimum of seven different skills in order to achieve a robust system that will meet all the expected demands by users who will expect 5G to provide service anytime and anywhere with high speed capability. See Figure 1 for those skills.

Figure 1: The seven skills designers/R&D teams will need to accomplish the needs of 5G (Image courtesy of MathWorks).

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