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September 07, 2017 //By Ultan Kelly, Cobham Wireless
Lab-as-a-Service: An essential tool for NFV
Network function virtualisation (NFV) is widely considered to be the biggest game changer in the telecoms industry. Service providers are embracing NFV to enable speed and agility, and roll out new communications services. However, before adopting NFV it is important that operators have a methodical plan in place. An operator’s physical network infrastructure needs to be maintained throughout the NFV journey, and integrated with rather than replaced by the virtual. It is also essential that operators work with a network validation partner which can offer Lab as a Service (LaaS).

The move from physical to virtual should be a gradual and careful process. Every operator adopting NFV will have different requirements, whether this be due to timescale, budget or resources. The NFV journey is an unpredictable one, so agility and fluidity are essential. As such, operators should look to work with a partner which can offer a flexible set of network validation services with a high level of expertise. 

The excitement around NFV is tangible; however, it’s worth remembering that the transition from physical architecture to a virtualised model should be a gradual process. The LaaS model means infrastructure and networks can be tested and managed more easily, and upgrades can be facilitated at a lower price point in comparison with a traditional facility. Operators must embark on the NFV journey now, or risk being left behind. The LaaS model, when adopted with the help of an experienced partner, will ensure operators take the appropriate route on the journey, and capitalise on NFV investment.

 The author, Ultan Kelly is the Senior Product Line Director for TeraVM at Cobham Wireless.

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