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July 27, 2017 //By Matthias Kassner and Saara Guastella
LED lighting – meshed Bluetooth transforms lighting controls networks
LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting industry and creates completely new market conditions. Bluetooth Low Energy is a protocol optimised for controlling smart lighting. Due to its unique combination of low power communication with wide-spread support in smartphones, it provides an interesting alternative to other communication protocols such as zigbee and Wi-Fi and can be combined with other technologies to make smart lighting even smarter.

Wireless protocols and mesh networks

Several wireless protocols exist for wireless lighting controls and for communication in a building automation system.

The energy harvesting wireless or so called EnOcean standard is one of the most established ones. It is defined by the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of international companies from the building automation industry. The wireless communication in the sub 1 GHz radio band which combines high range with low radio interference due to the absence of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices in this band.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, or Bluetooth Smart) is a more recent innovation, created for the Internet of Things. Its first big selling point is that you’ll find it in virtually every smartphone and tablet made in recent years – and it’s the only low-power radio technology that can boast this. You can therefore set up and control a BLE smart lighting system directly, using most existing devices. This makes BLE-controlled systems simple and cost-effective to deploy and run.

One of the companies to leverage this technology is Casambi. Casambi’s wireless lighting control software platform empowers users of smart devices to interact effortlessly with modern lighting around them. The award-winning Casambi solution delivers everything from a basic, individual lighting-fixture control to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging. Casambi’s technology can be easily integrated at low cost into lighting fixtures, drivers and modules.

Figure 2: Bluetooth-based lighting control ((Source: Casambi).

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